Learning to Step Into my Power

Disciplinary conversations are apart of my job. They aren't my favorite part and until recently have caused some nervousness beforehand. This past Tuesday I had to have one of these conversations and the apprehension arose. After work I started to think about why this was and realized that I was giving away my power.I was … Continue reading Learning to Step Into my Power

Learning to be Fabulous with the Fab 5

I am OBSESSED with the Fab 5 of Netflix's Queer Eye. This last week I binged all four seasons and can't seem to get enough of their positive energy blasting out of my computer screen. But what is it that makes these 5 beautiful men so amazing and sensational? I've come to the conclusion that … Continue reading Learning to be Fabulous with the Fab 5

The Lies we Tell Ourselves

A couple weeks ago I did something.Actually, that's not quite true.After the Switchfoot concert, before I walked out of the venue, I saw a man by the door talking to a couple women. I've never met this man but he looked familiar. Could that really be the founder of TWLOHA?I heard of the nonprofit, To … Continue reading The Lies we Tell Ourselves