Minor Inconveniences II

How many times do you let a minor inconvenience stop you from doing what you said you were going to do?Imagine this: Your alarm goes off. You're comfy under your blanket and you don't want to get out of bed to get dressed to go workout like you said you were going to do. You're … Continue reading Minor Inconveniences II

How to Not Make Yourself Wrong

"Don't make yourself wrong." - Mel RobbinsRead some of my older posts and you'll see I'm a total Mel Robbins groupie and that her coaching has changed how I think and see things. During January/February she did a free mindset reset program to kickoff 2019. Because it isn't a program you do on a timeline … Continue reading How to Not Make Yourself Wrong

Start With What You Know

I have the privilege of reading a free advance copy of "Finding God's Life for My Will: His Presence is the Plan" by Tenth Avenue North's lead singer, Mike Donehey, thanks to his launch team at WaterBrook & Multnomah. Towards the end of chapter one, he says something so simple yet profound, "I went with … Continue reading Start With What You Know

Why You Shouldn’t Put off Your Hopes & Dreams

I have this idea for a novel. I've had this idea for a year. I thought it was a newer idea (think November 2018) but it seems I started writing this novel earlier than that (April 2018). And even though collectively I have around 600 words between my April writing and November writing, I haven't … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Put off Your Hopes & Dreams

Moving Past Minor Inconveniences

What's a minor inconvenience? It's an obstacle to a goal that's annoying but not big enough to stop forward motion - unless you let it.With working out I'm in the middle. I don't hate it. I don't love it either. I don't mind it because I know it's good for me and my body and … Continue reading Moving Past Minor Inconveniences

How to Move From Fear to Courage

Action defeats fear. Simple.Simple until your heart is beating faster than you thought possible. But, even with pounding hearts, we can find a way to step into courage. We may not realize it but it's super easy to think ourselves out of doing something because we have created a story in our minds on how … Continue reading How to Move From Fear to Courage