Learning to be…

I started doing Adriene's Yoga Camp a couple weeks ago and today is day 15. I don't remember why I started or how I stumbled upon her 30 days series but after watching her orientation video I figured I would give it a shot.I've always been a start and stop kinda girl when it comes … Continue reading Learning to be…

Love Yourself First

I follow Dr. Joshua Wolrich on Instagram. His posts mainly center around calling out diet culture and wanting us to improve our relationship with food.The other day one of his post/captions said something along the lines of "improve your relationship with food before you try to lose weight." My initial reaction was one of, "I … Continue reading Love Yourself First

Self-reflection Sunday: Body Image

What makes you feel beautiful? - For me it's a number of things, not always tied to each other, but always small: when I put my hair in a messy bun but the kind that looks freaking amazing; if I love the outfit I'm wearing; when I treat my body well by eating nutritious foods; … Continue reading Self-reflection Sunday: Body Image

Body Image: Body Shaming

Body shaming, what is it? Walden Behavioral Care describes it as, "criticizing yourself or others because of some aspect of physical appearance." Body shaming can come in many forms. Common ones that come to mind include fat shaming and skinny shaming, but there are many more ways in which we shame bodies. Recently, I've seen … Continue reading Body Image: Body Shaming