The New Normal

We are collectively experiencing a new normal. It's okay if we need to shift our routines around. It's okay if you feel a little off. Everything is new for so many of us. Maybe you lost your job or maybe you're now working from home or maybe you're working more hours or maybe you have … Continue reading The New Normal

Putting in the Work

My co-workers say they don't know how I do it. We have the rare opportunity to pick up extra hours and I have. I'm not working to the point where I have no time to rest or work on things that are important to me outside of work. I'm just working more than them.Partly I'm … Continue reading Putting in the Work

Slowing Down as a Form of Self-Care

I don't know what to write about this week. I have many options but trying to form a cohesive thought about any of them seems too tedious. Instead, I think I'll write about remaining calm in uncertain moments.I'm not panicking about COVID-19. I'm taking the responsible measures to protect myself (i.e. washing hands, using hand … Continue reading Slowing Down as a Form of Self-Care

A Juggler’s Tale of Too Many Balls in the Air

I am a juggler. It seems every day I have to keep multiple balls in the air and, on occasion, another ball flies in. I have to either decide to catch it or let it fall to the floor as I juggle everything else. I didn't ask to be a juggler; it's a part of … Continue reading A Juggler’s Tale of Too Many Balls in the Air

“I dare you to move”

This post talks about self-injury Yesterday, March 1st, was self-injury awareness day. And the month of March is self-injury awareness month.I scoured my past blog posts and I couldn't find a post talking solely about self-injury. I have covered body image and eating disorders because they are easier topics to write about since the struggle … Continue reading “I dare you to move”