Embracing Change

Taking a look at the date of my last blog post, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted. One week off turned to 2 weeks off which turned to 3 weeks.

I originally didn’t post because I needed a break after all the things that have been happening in the world. Then, I got lazy. Then, I got introspective.

If you haven’t noticed, the URL of this blog is now songofyourheart.wordpress.com. I have canceled the blogging plan I had because I feel it is time I focus my attention on another site. I do plan on posting here once a month. I’m still figuring out the logistics of the new site so I’ll be sharing what and where you can find it at a later date.

I hope that you are all taking time to focus on your mental health. I know it has been a struggle for me these past few weeks (another reason I haven’t been here). But I have been able to examine my thoughts and come to an understanding of what’s holding me back.

It’s time I change how I see myself. It’s time to say that this blog has given me a good run but it’s time to move toward something that will better fit who it is I am becoming. It’s time to, once again, embrace change.

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