Returning to Myself

I’m going to be honest, these last few weeks have been mentally taxing. Between the end of a four and a half year relationship to this global pandemic, anxiety has taken a driver’s seat in my life. Of course, it’s the little things that we don’t realize we revert back to in times of stress that take the biggest toll on us.

This weekend I did something new—I purged some things. I deleted pictures on my phone and text messages I no longer needed. And, let me tell you, it felt great. It made me wonder what other things I have been holding onto that I can let go of. This includes both things in my physical space and my mental space.

I also attended the Rise X Live online conference which has shifted my mindset (albeit, I did have technical difficulties but have been able to watch about half of the replay so far). I also was able to sign up to Dr. Nicole LePera’s (the.holistic.psychologist) Self Healer’s Circle group and I’m super excited to continue to do the work to become the best me.

I’ve been treating this time of uncertainty how I always treat times in my life when I’ve felt uncertain—with bad habits and a victim mentality. This weekend I have found out that I can choose to grow and change and continue to become a better version of myself even when feeling uncertain about the future.

What I also realized during the weekend is that I’ve stepped away from what keeps me centered; I’ve stepped away from routine and replaced it with quick comfort.

You can call it an epiphany or call it actually taking time to figure out the next best step forward for me, but I hope the same can be true for you. May this be the time we return to our selves.

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