Truth, Vulnerability, & Struggle

What’s the point in appearing to be strong or that you have it all together when you don’t? As far as I know, there is no prize at the end of our lives for the one who struggled the most in secret. So why do we do it? What is that we are fearing? Why have we been conditioned in this way?

We talk about the masculine and the feminine, as if the emotions we feel as humans vary depending on our gender. We fail to talk about what makes us human. We fail to talk about how emotions are not masculine or feminine—we all experience the same feelings.

Our stories may be different but there are common themes that weave in and out of all our lives. Pain, struggle, love, joy, peace, hurt, sadness, grace—all things we as humans deal with.

I’m currently reading Glennon Doyle’s book Untamed and it is blowing my mind. In sharing her truth, she allows me to look inward at my own and to view my life and who I am as I am meant to be not as the world has told me I need to be.

I am allowed to be vulnerable. I am allowed to say if I am struggling. I am allowed to feel it all because that is who I am. Life is beautiful and precious and scary and crazy and easy and hard. This is the only life we’ve got. We can share our truth, be vulnerable, and share our struggles with others.

When we live authentically, others will see they are free to live authentically as well.

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