Life is Uncertainty

With this COVID-19 pandemic it seems as if, all of a sudden, things are uncertain. The reality though is that life has always been filled with uncertainty.

We establish routines not realizing that our routines can crumble in a heartbeat; we’re not promised anything. Life owes us nothing.

The only thing we have control of is our thoughts and our (re)actions.

I hold my stress in my shoulders so when I feel my shoulders tense, I know it is a moment I need to take a deep breath and to reassure myself that everything will work itself out.

We are all in this together. We can forget that especially when life as we know it does a 180 and we are left with having to make a decision that others might not have to make.

All life is uncertain, but I hold onto hope that we can and will make it through these heightened uncertain days and that we’ll be stronger, if we choose to be.

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