A Juggler’s Tale of Too Many Balls in the Air

I am a juggler. It seems every day I have to keep multiple balls in the air and, on occasion, another ball flies in. I have to either decide to catch it or let it fall to the floor as I juggle everything else. I didn’t ask to be a juggler; it’s a part of being human.

I have a ball in the air for my novel and one for my short stories. Another ball is trying to figure out how to make extra money from writing. I have a long-distance relationship ball. I have a staying in connection with my siblings ball. I have a taking care of my body ball and a mental health ball. I have a work ball. I have a ball in the air with my other goals (learning Hawaiian and guitar). I have a ball for making time to read.

I’m trying to juggle all my interests and dreams and fit them in to my schedule. I’ve helped myself by prioritizing certain things and pushing other things off until the weekend, but I still have other balls that fly in on occasion.

I have to move again in five months—curveball. I’m trying to save for a car—a managing money ball. Self-doubt creeps in—dodge ball. Improving my craft/meeting other writers—new ball. Preparing for the work week ahead—Sunday ball.

I do a good job at keeping most of the balls in the air, but I wonder sometimes if I pick up too many balls because sometimes I lose track and the balls come crashing to the floor. When this happens, the first ball I need to pick up is the mental health one. And I need to just take a seat and hold it for a minute because it’s the most important ball.

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