Putting in the Work

My co-workers say they don't know how I do it. We have the rare opportunity to pick up extra hours and I have. I'm not working to the point where I have no time to rest or work on things that are important to me outside of work. I'm just working more than them.Partly I'm … Continue reading Putting in the Work

Life is Uncertainty

With this COVID-19 pandemic it seems as if, all of a sudden, things are uncertain. The reality though is that life has always been filled with uncertainty.We establish routines not realizing that our routines can crumble in a heartbeat; we're not promised anything. Life owes us nothing.The only thing we have control of is our … Continue reading Life is Uncertainty

Slowing Down as a Form of Self-Care

I don't know what to write about this week. I have many options but trying to form a cohesive thought about any of them seems too tedious. Instead, I think I'll write about remaining calm in uncertain moments.I'm not panicking about COVID-19. I'm taking the responsible measures to protect myself (i.e. washing hands, using hand … Continue reading Slowing Down as a Form of Self-Care

A Juggler’s Tale of Too Many Balls in the Air

I am a juggler. It seems every day I have to keep multiple balls in the air and, on occasion, another ball flies in. I have to either decide to catch it or let it fall to the floor as I juggle everything else. I didn't ask to be a juggler; it's a part of … Continue reading A Juggler’s Tale of Too Many Balls in the Air

“I dare you to move”

This post talks about self-injury Yesterday, March 1st, was self-injury awareness day. And the month of March is self-injury awareness month.I scoured my past blog posts and I couldn't find a post talking solely about self-injury. I have covered body image and eating disorders because they are easier topics to write about since the struggle … Continue reading “I dare you to move”