This Holiday Season it’s Okay to Not be Okay

We are in the midst of the holiday season. Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are upon us and you may be feeling stressed or sad or annoyed by all the holiday decor.

Maybe you’re tired of the messaging and articles that say, “Don’t gain that holiday weight!,” which you know will soon be followed by, “Get your body beach body ready!” Or maybe you have read articles on how to “survive” this holiday season but want to do more than just survive. Or maybe you’ve lost a loved one and the holidays aren’t the same without them.

If you’re feeling freaked out or feeling too much pressure to enjoy yourself, if you want to thrive while being around toxic family members, or if you just need some support remember, whatever you’re feeling is okay.

The world can make us feel like we have to justify why we feel the way we do. Only you know the struggle and journey you have been on so only you can say what triggers and stresses you. Remember to take care of yourself.

Remember that, even if you feel alone, you are not alone. It’s okay if you are spending the holidays by yourself. It’s also okay to reach out if you need help.

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