stand out in the crowd

i don’t know what it’s like to not be different. i do know what it’s like to try to conform and comply.

as children we learn that to be different is synonymous with inferior. the lucky ones among us are raised to see that our differences empower us. the unlucky ones try to conform but never quite feel like we belong. that is, until we grow up and realize what make us different is exactly what makes us thrive.

i felt my difference to my core and questioned why i couldn’t be like my peers. when we’re younger we don’t always see that, instead of trying to conform, we can seek out our tribe and create a community where we don’t need to be anything other than what we are.

we learn the rules of the society we are born into and, to not stand out further, we comply and are rewarded. that is, until the rules stop working for us and we find ourselves living a life we never wanted. our only choices, then, are to make up our own rules or stay mediocre.

the featured song this weeks speaks to our fear of being different and the joy that comes from embracing our differences. my hope for the next year, and the upcoming decade, is that we all learn to embrace our differences and find our tribes.

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