Are You Beautiful?

Do you believe that you’re beautiful? I’m not talking about society’s version of beauty but your personal definition.

Are you beautiful?

If that question made you uncomfortable, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? I believe we have been taught to diminish our beauty just as we have been taught to diminish our worth. If someone compliments you, do you say thank you or do you reject the compliment? Why is thinking ourselves to be what they complimented us on seen as a negative while blushing and saying, “No, no,” is seen as positive?

If someone else finds me beautiful and says such, it does not reflect negatively on me but if I find myself to be beautiful and actually tell it to others somehow that makes me conceited. It is as if we cannot own our beauty without others tearing us down for it. It is as if we are not supposed to let others know that we think ourselves to be beautiful and I ask why not?

I believe myself to be beautiful especially at the end of the night when I take my eye makeup off (the only makeup I wear). However, I noticed something in my thought process on Thursday as I was removing my makeup. You see, my next thought after removing my makeup and embracing my beauty went to but I shouldn’t think myself too pretty because beauty is fleeting. It’s as if I can’t embrace my beauty because that’s not something we should prize.

Why is thinking I’m pretty such a crime? I’m not narcissistic or cocky about it. I just happen to think I have beauty.

What is beauty anyway? And who determines what is beautiful? Some works of art are treated as more beautiful than others but that doesn’t mean we have to agree. Some people find sunrises and sunsets beautiful while others would prefer the stars in the night sky.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if we think ourselves beautiful who is anyone else to say that we are not? Isn’t it just their opinion, their eye, that thinks that?

You may not feel beautiful every day and that’s fine too. But, we should all embrace our beauty and not let anyone diminish who we are. Yes, it can take some time as we have been taught to view things a certain way, but with everything it is a process.

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