Learning to be…

I started doing Adriene’s Yoga Camp a couple weeks ago and today is day 15. I don’t remember why I started or how I stumbled upon her 30 days series but after watching her orientation video I figured I would give it a shot.

I’ve always been a start and stop kinda girl when it comes to yoga. I’ve always wanted to have a practice but other things I felt I had to do took priority and yoga got pushed to the side. Being able to show up for myself these last 14 days (or 15 days when I come to the mat later today) has showed me that adding yoga to my day is a lovely form of self care.

Not only do I feel more refreshed after my practice, but I feel more calm and centered. These last couple weeks of yoga has also been teaching me that it’s okay to show up where you are and to just be where you are with no judgment. There are some poses that are harder and more challenging that I have to modify or just take a rest as Adriene does them.

And that’s okay.

I’m learning to be present in the moment and to pay attention to how my body responds to the different moves. After years of viewing my body as not good enough, I am learning to appreciate it for what it is able to do for me.

If you’ve been wanting to add a yoga practice to your routine, I highly recommend Adriene’s 30 day Yoga Camp. If you already have a practice I still recommend her 30 day camp because she’s lovely.

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