Alice and the Well

Once upon a time Alice fell down a well. It was actually more of a jump but let’s not get distracted by technicalities. Anyway, Alice thought she’d hit the water soon enough but to her surprise kept falling and falling and falling.

Finally, she landed on her back with a soft thud on the wet earth. She thought maybe the well ran out of water and looking up did not know how far she had fallen. Alice regretted her choice and felt a strong desire to find her way back up.

Sitting up, Alice looked around the well. She was surprised that she was able to see so well being so far down and the bottom was much more spacious than it seemed from above. She stood up, her hair now disheveled and her back brown with dirt, and decided to look for a way out.

Walking around the bottom of the well, her boots became muddy and she tripped several times on tree roots. She walked for what seemed like hours and finally came to a door with light shining out from the bottom. To her amazement, it was unlocked but took some time to open as her hands were wet from the muddy ground. When she walked through it she was transported back to the top of the well.

“Well,” thought Alice, “I guess falling isn’t so bad. There’s always a way back up.”

And Alice was right. When you feel like you’ve fallen too far, you can always find your way back up.

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