Heavy & Light

On Saturday I attended To Write Love On Her Arms’ “Heavy & Light: An Evening of Songs, Conversation And Hope.” I watched it online last year and figured since I love the work they’re doing and I love music I should attend it in person while I have the opportunity to do so.

The only artist I knew was Jon Foreman from Switchfoot but the other artists* were really good as well (and discovering new things is always a plus). I’m really glad I went.

While Jon Foreman was performing, I had a thought I wanted to share here. Life can bring a lot of heavy things, lots of heavy loads to carry, but it is also important to have things that give us light. One of TWLOHA’s beliefs is that people need other people and sharing our heavy with those we love and trust can give us some of that lightness we need.

But it’s also important that we have something we can turn to to give us light and for me last night I realized music is my light. I mean, I’ve always loved music and believe in it’s power to save you, but really understanding that in my heaviest times music takes the load away didn’t really hit me until that night.

What the event also made me realize is that it’s okay to share our heavy. I think sometimes we don’t want to burden others with our struggles but if we share them with the right people they aren’t a burden at all. Say, if my brother or sister were not feeling okay and wanted to share that with me, I would not see it as a burden because I love them and want to offer support where I can. I know they would do the same for me.

We all deal with heavy things but we also deal with light things. It’s okay to have both, in fact, it’s part of being human. I want to give a huge thank you to To Write Love On Her Arms for sharing the night with us and letting us know it’s okay to have both heavy and light.

*Below I’ve included the artists that were at this year’s Heavy and Light.

“where will i be when there lives no fear inside of me?”
Anthony Raneri (of Bayside)
Sisters Morgan Harper Nichols and Jamie Grace (were speakers)
He performed this poem at this year’s Heavy and Light too!
Always good to find out about an artist… I think I’m on the Dessa fan train now!

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