The Only Constant – Change

Change is constant. It moves behind the scenes of our lives; it’s a silent partner you forget is there. We can become used to the way things are that we forget it wasn’t always that way or it won’t always be that way. Sometimes, however, change slaps you in the face.

Well, not quite a slap in the face but it definitely makes itself known. I’m not one to run away from change but at this moment I need the change train to slow down a bit. Between my boyfriend joining the Air Force, having to move again in a couple months, and my co-workers stepping down from their positions, change, for the time being, is refusing to go back to playing in the background.

And I guess I’m okay with that. Part of embracing change is acknowledging your emotions surrounding it. It’s okay to be sad or fearful because of the uncertainty. When you’re in the midst of change it’s okay to look forward to the future while also mourning what once was. It’s normal to be excited and scared.

Such is the dichotomy of change.

I am not running towards change nor am I cowering from it. I am walking with it and learning as I go. Change and I aren’t quite friends yet but the older I get the more I realize that change isn’t the enemy. Change is the only constant part of life.

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