What do I write about? This is a question I ask myself every time I sit down to write. Sometimes the answer is clear. Other times I have no clue. This post is born out of the latter.

This post is my 89th post. My 89th time showing up to write something because I said I would. My 89th time putting words on a page to honor the commitment I made to myself: one blog post a week.

Have they always been good posts? No. But I know the only way we can get better is if we show up and have the courage to have crappy work because that is the way we grow – learning from our mistakes.

This 89th post isn’t grandiose. On the contrary, it’s me showing up and writing because the alternative is letting fear win. Fear looks like me being in my head, letting a make-believe story about how no one can possibly get anything out of this post so why even write it, stop me from writing.

“No one will notice,” I say. “You can get away with not having a post this week,” I also say. But I will know. I will know I didn’t show up like I said I would and that is what matters most. Can I look in the mirror and say I’ve tried my best if I’m worried about the opinion of others?

No, I can’t.

So this is my 89th post here at Song of Your Heart. It’s my 89th reminder that I have a voice even when I don’t know what to say.

I really do enjoy writing these posts every week… don’t stop me now 😀

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