Cheers to a New Day

A change is in the air. Maybe not for you. But, then again, change is always happening for all of us. Some of it is slow. Some of it moves fast. Some of it is based on our decision to change. Some of it happens whether we want it to or not.

Today is the first day of a new month; the first day of a new week. Change has already happened for all of us.

Today we get a new day to be. Today we get to embrace who we are or run away from ourselves. Who I am today is not who I was July 1st of 2018. I am one year closer to the best version of me; one year closer to walking into the fullness of me.

Do not get me wrong, the who I am today is amazing. That does not negate the fact that I have much growing to do. Today I embrace who I have become while I work towards becoming who I am meant to be.

Today I am grateful to be alive.
Today is a day to begin again; to change; to grow.
Today is a beautiful day.
Cheers to this new day.

Featured Song: Jason Mraz “Have It All”

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