Love Yourself First

I follow Dr. Joshua Wolrich on Instagram. His posts mainly center around calling out diet culture and wanting us to improve our relationship with food.

The other day one of his post/captions said something along the lines of “improve your relationship with food before you try to lose weight.” My initial reaction was one of, “I don’t think that’s right,” but upon pondering on it for a minute I was like, “Okay, yeah, that makes perfect sense.” Cue a couple days later when my brain decided, “Oh, I know what was up with that initial reaction.”

Here’s the thing, as someone who has experienced disordered eating, my issue was never my relationship with food. I know this may not be true with all people, but my issue was with myself.

I had to heal my relationship with myself before I could look at weight loss. I had to learn to love myself fully before I could look in the mirror and like the reflection. It wouldn’t have mattered how much I weighed if I did not first improve my relationship with me.

I am such a big proponent of working on our mindset because I know from first hand experience how negative thinking and putting ourselves down affects our whole lives. Working on our mental health is just as important as working on our physical health.

While I do agree that we need to have a good relationship with food before we can think about losing weight, I also believe we need to have a good relationship with our bodies. Quite possibly these two things are linked. I’m certainly not an expert on it and I appreciate those that are out there trying to help us improve our relationships with our bodies.

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves so we need to make sure we love what we see in the mirror.

(I recommend following his Instagram page… if that’s your kind of thing.)

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