A Style to Call Your Own

A few years back I saw a video by SyleLikeU. This mother-daughter duo has changed the way I view beauty and style.

In high school I had to wear a uniform that consisted of either khaki or navy blue bottoms and white, blue, or green collard shirts. To say that most days I felt uncomfortable would be the truth. I felt especially fidgety when the other girls would wear “cute” uniform clothes (and it probably didn’t help that I felt fat even though I wasn’t.)

As I’ve aged I have not really cared what other people have thought about my style but it has been something that rears its head now and again. So when my boyfriend would give me style advice (or let’s call it, “babe, that doesn’t go ” advice) I would kinda listen to him. Or one could say I let his words affect my confidence in what I was wearing. That is until I finally decided that if these amazing humans on StyleLikeU could be themselves then I too could look in the mirror and give the world a big F-You in regards to my style.

You see, even though I would watch those videos and revel at the beauty of their guests, I still didn’t think I could pull off my own style. A little bit of self-conscious mixed with a little bit of conformity and I guess that would be the style I present to the world. But the style I imagined was one of flowy, bohemian clothes and pieces that make me feel amazingly beautiful while still comfortable.

That is, until a few weeks ago when I bought a dress. The pattern is of a town (Italian perhaps) and it’s a-line with a collar and I just had to have it. I tried it on and was like, “Yes! I feel like myself.” So of course I bought it. Then, last week, we were heading out to Wal-Mart and I was wearing forest green joggers by Aerie and a burgundy sweatshirt, I felt amazing and comfortable and 100% myself, however my boyfriend didn’t think these two pieces went together.

And you wanna know what? I didn’t really care. I was comfortable and wearing things I felt confident in and that’s all we can ask for isn’t it? I didn’t care that I wasn’t wearing something he felt was good enough, I felt good enough and that was enough.

Your style is your own and no one else can tell you what that is. What makes style and clothes so great is that you can experiment with it; you can grow and change with it. My mission with my style is to start finding and putting together pieces that make me feel like myself.

If someone tells you something about your style that you disagree with it’s okay to say, no that’s not accurate for me. (It’s also okay to take their feedback and see if it’s true). The important thing is that you pay attention to how the clothes make you feel and move forward from that. It’s not always going to be easy because people can be super judgmental when it comes to clothing. But just remember, you’re interested in finding a style you can call your own.

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