Consistency is Still Key

This month I participated Camp Nanowrimo. It’s not as intense as Nanowrimo where your goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. The goal of Camp Nano is whatever you want it to be.

With Nanowrimo you start a whole new novel. With Camp Nano you can edit something you’ve already written (a book, poems, etc), set your own word goal for your project, or even set a time goal (i.e. write for 1 hour a day). I had all the intention of writing the story I’m currently working on during last year’s Nanowrimo but let self-doubt and procrastination win.

When I learned that Camp was happening this month, I knew I wanted to participate so I set my goal of writing 10,000 words. I thought it would be a realistic goal but also challenging. Before the month started I kept saying to myself, “All you need to write is 333 words a day. That’s all.”

It’s so easy to knock ourselves out of the game before we even step foot on the field and I was determined not to let my self-doubt get in my way. Every time I was apprehensive or nervous about meeting my goal before April 1st, I just kept repeating “just 333 words.”

Did I write every day? No because life happens to us all. But, I did meet and exceed my 10,000 word goal and claimed my win on Saturday!

I knew what my goal was. I knew I had the capacity and tenacity to reach it. After exceeding my goal on April 1st of 333 words I realized that it was possible for me to write at least that amount most days. Because I saw that I could do it and acknowledged that it was about consistency, showing up most days, and just sitting down to write whatever amount I could.

I used to think I needed to do big things to make big progress but have since learned that consistency is key. Now that I reached my goal (and slightly exceeded it) I am going to keep showing up and working on my novel. The work isn’t over because my ultimate goal is to have a first draft of a novel and that means I have at least 40,000 more words to write.

As long as you are showing up and doing a little each day or making forward progress consistently to your goals you are going to win. It’s not how big you go, it’s how often you show back up and work.

The featured song returns this week with Sia’s “Unstoppable”

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