A Time of Reflection & Renewal

If you observe the Easter holiday or even if you don’t, I hope yesterday was a beautiful day for you. It was a beautiful day here in the Orlando area.

When I was growing up, Easter was always my favorite holiday. There was something about the season of Lent – a desolate time where you are asked to make a sacrifice – culminating in a day of renewal. Especially for me growing up Catholic, Easter was a day of rejoicing.

Yesterday I reflected on the past. Every so often, I think it’s good to just reminisce on the past, not as a way of dwelling on the negative or the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s, but as a way to reflect on who it is you are. After all, we are made through the actions of our past and our choices in the present (which will, of course, soon be in the past).

Spring is a time of renewal; a time of being reborn. Yesterday I remembered Easter egg hunts at my mawmaw’s house and the celebration of spring and pastel colors everywhere. I remembered who it is I thought I was and that in shedding my fears, acting with courage, and living my truth I am becoming who I am.

Our track through life is rarely linear. We will fall. We will rise. We will shed the old and grow into the new version of who we are. Perhaps we may return to something we were running from and view it with new eyes.

I’m looking forward to what this season of spring will bring in my life. Who knows, maybe something unexpected will be reborn. Or maybe in returning to the past, I will have a renewed sense of who I am.

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