Changes… Maybe?

Music. When I think about my life, I realize music has always been apart of it. My earliest memories include listening to The Temptation’s Christmas vinyl or seeing my mom sing in the church choir when we lived in Virginia. (For reference we moved from Virginia the summer before I started 1st grade).

Part of the reason I named this blog Song of Your Heart is because of the impact music has had on my life. I also believe we all have a “song” within us that wants to come out. Whether that is actual music or something else such as poetry, math, or design, we have the power to impact our lives and others when we become true to our own voice and our dreams.

Lately I’ve been thinking about changing this blog… again.

When I started this blog I had a rough idea of what I wanted it to be. As I continued to write, I decided that I wanted to change directions because the vision I didn’t have was starting to become clear. Now, however, I feel a call in another direction; a direction that is more true to who I am as a person and the song that is in my heart.

I’m going back to the drawing board, as they say. Maybe.

If it happens, you’ll be the first to know!

Edit: I guess I should mention that the change will make this blog more music focused.

Edit 2: It’s a new month! It’s a new week! Time to examine or reexamine our goals!

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