Consistency is Key

Today’s blog is coming out a bit later than usual. Partly it’s because I was feeling lazy this weekend and decided to waste my brain away watching Netflix. Also partly because I didn’t have anything to say. But, alas, having nothing to say is how I came up with what to say today.

I believe in consistency. This is why I write and publish a blog post every week at the same time every Monday. But I also believe in changing things up – shaking up the mundane – which is also partly why this post is coming out later than usual.

Honestly for me, the only stipulation I gave myself for this blog when I started a little over a year ago was that I would write something every week and I have met that (even the week I didn’t write but just wrote to say that I wasn’t writing). And now here I am.

Where will this blog take me? I don’t know. But I do know that it has helped me better find my voice and writing style. I feel it’s also made me a better editor. Since my focus has shifted a bit to writing and publishing a book I have noticed that I’m not as focused here in this space yet I keep coming back.

Writing this blog has taught me about consistency. This space allows me to talk about mindset and focus on nonfiction pieces while I work on the creative side of writing. I hope what I say here can help at least one person realize that they can change their mindset for the better.

And that’s why I started writing here: to share what I have learned; to say, “This is what I did. Don’t do that. Do this instead.”

If there is something you want to do, be consistent with it. Even if you have a lazy weekend, get back on it the next day you say you will. I’m better for it and you will be too as long as you keep remembering why you started it not quitting.

Here’s the song of the week. It’s about consistency and getting back up when we are knocked down.

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