The Art of Being Alone

We have been conditioned into believing doing things alone is, at best, boring and at worst, simply dreadful. But I'm here to let you know that doing things alone can actually be quite liberating.I won the opportunity to attend a short acoustic session, a short Q&A, and a meet and greet with members of one … Continue reading The Art of Being Alone

Consistency is Key

Today's blog is coming out a bit later than usual. Partly it's because I was feeling lazy this weekend and decided to waste my brain away watching Netflix. Also partly because I didn't have anything to say. But, alas, having nothing to say is how I came up with what to say today.I believe in … Continue reading Consistency is Key

Why You Shouldn’t Put off Your Hopes & Dreams

I have this idea for a novel. I've had this idea for a year. I thought it was a newer idea (think November 2018) but it seems I started writing this novel earlier than that (April 2018). And even though collectively I have around 600 words between my April writing and November writing, I haven't … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Put off Your Hopes & Dreams