{Imposter Syndrome}

You’re an imposter and you know it. Why do you even pretend to know what you’re doing? Everybody knows you don’t belong here and even if they think you do, they’ll soon find out you are out of your element…

– Sincerely, Your Thoughts

Imposter Syndrome. If we are trying new things we have probably experienced it. Some of us have been able to shut our brains off, tell ourselves we got this, and do the work; others of us get caught in the web of our thoughts.

You know you know what you’re doing. Then, you think you know what you’re doing. Then, you think maybe you don’t really know what you’re doing.

But it’s natural to feel this way especially when we are doing something new or are pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones. Did you get that? Feeling like an imposter is normal. Big presentation coming up? It’s normal to feel that nervous/excited energy. Just got that promotion? It’s normal to have a bit of trepidation about performing your best.

Finding out that imposter syndrome is a normal human reaction has been a game changer for me. Because it’s normal we can plan ahead and be prepared whenever it’s encountered. Once we are aware that we feel like an imposter we will have the tools in place to combat those feelings.

First, we can acknowledge that we feel like a fraud. Second, we can then change our thoughts to tell ourselves that this feeling is normal. Third, we can take the necessary action that will take us out of our heads and see results that will show us we aren’t an imposter.

I’ll leave you with this nugget of wisdom learned from Mel Robbins: You can’t control the feelings of imposter syndrome, but you can always choose how you act.

When you feel imposter syndrome coming, remember to roar!

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