Why It’s Okay to Not Feel Your Age

I turned 33 in December but I don’t feel 33. In fact, I don’t really feel any age. I mean, what is 33 supposed to feel like anyway? What was 32 supposed to feel like? Will there ever come a time when I will feel like my age?

Do you feel like your age?

Of course, we’re talking about mentally feeling the age that we are. Physically, well, that’s another topic for another day.

As a 33-year-old adult, I do adult things: go to work, pay bills, oil change, grocery shop for (mostly) nutritious foods, and exercise. For the most part, however, I’m just figuring out this life stuff as I go through it. You know, like everyone else.

Perhaps the movies and TV shows we watch show us an ideal image of what people a certain age are supposed to be doing and feeling and that makes us think if we don’t feel that way we don’t feel our age?

I think when we’re younger it’s easier to feel our age given many of us have parents or guardians whose care we are under and rules we must follow. With each new birthday since moving away from home, however, it has never crossed my mind that I am supposed to feel older each year. I mean, 33-year-old me doesn’t feel that much different than 23-year-old me.

As I have aged I have definitely grown more aware of who I am as an individual and have grown so much as a person compared to me in my 20s but I still don’t feel 33. They say you’re only as old as you feel and there are certain adult things I do that make me feel accomplished and like an actual adult; there are also things that make me feel like a teenager, running around trying to figure shit out.

It’s a fascinating concept to me and I’m not sure I’ll ever feel my age but that’s okay because age is just a number anyway. So what about you? Do you feel your age? And can you tell me what that means anyway?

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