How to Move From Fear to Courage

Action defeats fear. Simple.

Simple until your heart is beating faster than you thought possible. But, even with pounding hearts, we can find a way to step into courage. We may not realize it but it’s super easy to think ourselves out of doing something because we have created a story in our minds on how it’s going to end: with us extremely humiliated to the point we’ll never be able to show our faces outside our homes ever again.

It doesn’t matter that oftentimes we are wrong. Thinking ourselves out of doing what frightens us has become a habit. How do we take action when we are afraid to take action?

We have to trick our brains into thinking the opposite of what we’ve programmed them to think.

The first thing we need to do when we realize our thoughts are working against us is to stop and take a deep breath. Why? Because we want to interrupt the thought spiral. When we consciously take a breath, our mind focuses on the breath. Simple.

Next, change the thought of fear into one of excitement. You’re not afraid of doing a presentation in front of your peers; you’re excited. Your heart isn’t pounding because of fear; it’s pounding because it’s excited you’re taking a chance on yourself. Our body has the same physical reaction(s) when we are excited as it does when we are afraid so it is up to us to change the mental picture.

Finally, what’s your anchor thought? This is the thought you are going to replace those negative thoughts with. This is you focusing your thoughts on what you desire. If it’s public speaking, your anchor thought might be, “My boss is going to tell me how much my hard work is appreciated,” or, “The audience is going to give me a standing ovation.” Focus on what you want to happen and not what you fear might happen.

The next time you feel nervous about trying something new do the following: Stop thinking by taking a deep breath, then think, “Gosh, this is exciting! I’m so excited because when I get done with this (place positive anchor thought here).”

And for those who say, “What if it the negative thoughts keep coming?”

Breathe. Yay, excited! Anchor thought. Repeat.

Do this until you create a new habit-the habit of taking action despite a pounding heart. I’m not saying it is easy. Yes, sometimes you’ll forget. But the more you practice, as with many things, the better you become at choosing courage over fear.

This week’s featured song is “Strength, Courage, and Wisdom” by India Arie

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