Weight Does Not Equal

Your weight does not determine your health or your beauty. I’m not sure I can say it enough.

Let’s say you want to lose fat and gain muscle. It is possible you will weigh the same in your before and after picture. Why? Because muscle is leaner than fat. If you replace 5lbs of fat with 5lbs of muscle you will be a smaller size but not weight.

You can weigh more than your friends but be healthier than them. There are people suffering from eating disorders that don’t weigh that much. There are people with lipedema. We should not buy into the advertisement hype that thin equals healthy.

So, no, weight does not determine health nor does it determine your worth or your beauty. 

Weight is a shame issue for me so I have to be conscious of and practice critical awareness when I see thinness splashed across a screen. I had to realize being thin was not going to make me happy and that my overall health (mental and physical) was more important than a number on a scale.

I follow a diverse group of people on Instagram: people who are in the fitness industry, models practicing body positivity, or just body positive people in general. It helps me see beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

I’m constantly reminded that our bodies are our own and we don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to our choices. Your weight does not determine your health or your beauty.

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