Who do You Want to Be?

The question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is flawed. It presupposes that we can only be a single thing.

Why do we put all this pressure on ourselves to decide what we want to be before we are 18, or before we graduate college, when, at best, we have 60-70 years more of life? Disregarding all the labels on us outside of our jobs, it is possible to “be” many things at once and even switch careers more than once throughout our lifetimes. Even if we enjoy what we do, we are all multifaceted beings with multiple interests. Just because we aren’t getting paid for our hobbies doesn’t mean they’re not part of who we are.

Even if it seems like what we want to be is too outlandish to become anything more than a dream, it’s our choice to create it into reality or not. It doesn’t matter our age, we can reinvent ourselves at any time.

Every day we decide who we want to be.

The challenge lies in the fact that too many of us have been taught to be practical. We’re taught that our dreams are too crazy. Why should we do things outside the box when the box keeps us safe and warm?

When we work hard at something, it becomes practical. Will it always be easy? No. If we are determined, we’ll find a way. If there is no way, we can create one. The reality is, it takes work to learn or create something new. It takes action to go out and find the things we enjoy.

I read a quote the other day that said something along the lines of someone is out there living the life you only dream of. Why are we dreaming and not living? Why are we not fiercely running in the direction of our dreams?

Fear? Maybe. Doubting ourselves? Possibly. Told too many times to be realistic? Most likely.

No matter the culture we grow up in, there are rules dictating how lives are supposed to be lived. Who created the rules? Who says we have to follow them?

It is up to us to change course when we realize we’re doing things we no longer wish to be doing or chasing things when they are no longer what we want. We’re always changing anyway. Our bodies are constantly shedding old skin and hair, healing themselves from cuts. Things are constantly changing and renewing around us. To think we are not able to do the same with who we want to be is archaic. After all, if Shakespeare could invent new words, why do we think we can’t reinvent our lives?

I’m partly writing this for you, dear reader, and partly for me. Too often we forget our power. We forget there are so many possibilities out there, that it is possible to manifest our dreams. We make excuses for why we can’t while wishing things were different. Write down every single thing you want to be then get started, take the action, to become that person.

So, who do you want to be?

This week’s featured song: “Glorious” by Macklemore (feat. Skylar Grey)

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