Blog Update

Changes are coming.

Song of Your Heart is less than a year old. Less than a year of once a week posts coming out on Sunday. Less than a year of me trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go. Less than a year of me growing and changing. Less than a year of ignoring the little voice inside of me telling me to create a blog that supports women and young girls on their journey of self-acceptance.

And, now, I’ve finally decided to listen to that voice.

If you have been to this site before you may have noticed that the tagline used to read, “Finding the Beauty in Being Yourself.” Today it reads, “Courage. Beauty. Truth.”

Part of the reason that has been the only change is because my laptop was on the fritz and it was the only thing I could update. But now that I have a new laptop here are some of the upcoming changes:

  • The homepage is going to be updated to Song of Your Heart’s mission
  • The menu bar is going to include Home, Blog with categories of Courage, Beauty, and Truth, About, Contact, and Resource pages. 
  • The posting schedule is moving from one post on Sunday to one post on Monday. Eventually, there will be 3 posts a week.
  • Posts will now only have 3 possible categories: Courage, Beauty, or Truth. The Courage posts will be to encourage women and girls – essentially the same types of posts I have been writing but from a female perspective. The Beauty posts will highlight both outer and inner beauty and will also showcase brands/people doing the same. The Truth posts will be interviews with women where they talk about what makes them who they are – what is their truth.

I am super excited about these changes and hope that you join me as I continue my journey here at Song of Your Heart.


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