Self-reflection Sunday: Body Image

What makes you feel beautiful? – For me it’s a number of things, not always tied to each other, but always small: when I put my hair in a messy bun but the kind that looks freaking amazing; if I love the outfit I’m wearing; when I treat my body well by eating nutritious foods; when my boyfriend kiss attacks me; when I can’t stop laughing.

How do you treat yourself with compassion on your bad body days? – For me it’s about remembering: remembering how far I’ve come on my body love journey; remembering that I don’t have to love my body 24/7 & it’s normal to need to take a break for extra self-care; remembering that it’s society that taught me to poke and prod at my imperfections but I can choose to refrain and create a new narrative.

Why in your body is it a good place to be? – My body has let me play with my nephews and nieces, join the color guard and marching band, it’s allowed me to dance and walk. My body is the only place that I know. It’s where I call home.

What are some things you can do (or stop doing) to develop a better body image? – Developing and maintaining a better body image requires me to keep my thoughts in check. If I notice that I’m starting to think negative things about my body, then I immediately refocus my thoughts on the positive parts or I remind myself that I am more than just my body.

Here are the results of the body image survey I conducted over the course of July 2018:

Part One: Body Image

Part Two: Body Image 2

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