A Spoken Word Poem

I’m not going to lie. My 20s were shit.

Like I’m falling into this deep hole & can’t fathom a way out of kind of shit.

Like how did my life get so fucked up kind of shit.

Like I realize I wasn’t the happiest in high school but where did this eating disorder, self-injury version of myself come from kind of shit.

Like I’m trying to find a way out of this but I’m lost & ashamed & no one can know kind of shit.

Like I just got laid off & don’t know what the fuck I wanna be kind of shit.

Like I guess I’m getting better but still feel like everyone knows something I don’t know kind of shit.

Like two steps forward, three steps back kind of shit.

Like I just got myself into a shit tone of debt kind of shit.

Like I’ve made mistakes trusting the wrong people kind of shit.

Like I could have let break me but I fought my way through it kind of shit.

Like looking at how far I’ve come is amazing kind of shit.

Like I want to reach out & help others know there is a way out kind of shit.

Shit that’s made me understand we are stronger than we think.

We got this.

Fuck the shit.


Starting with this week’s post, I’m introducing an element that has helped me find the beauty in being myself: music. At the end of each post I will be featuring a song we can rock out to, cry to, dance to, sing along with, or just help us through our crazy, beautiful lives.

This week’s song is a personal favorite of mine. An anthem to those of us who have felt/feel lost but still get up to fight.

“You can’t, you can’t kill us”

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