Bad Body Days

I’m going to let you in on a secret – I don’t always love my body. Some days I don’t want to look in a mirror and see myself because I’m still on this unceasing journey of self-acceptance. But most days, I embrace my body and it’s imperfectness.  (Or rather, its perceived imperfections.)

And I know this is true for everybody. No one is happy with their bodies 24/7 (and if you are let me in on that secret). We are going to have bad body days.

I feel like I have permission to speak about this topic because of the brave women I follow on Instagram. If you’ve read my Barefaced Beauty post, then you’ll know I love dothehotpants. She posted a picture and caption on her Instagram page on Valentine’s Day where she was honest with the world about not loving her body that day. And I thought it was absolutely beautiful and inspiring and eye-opening.

You see, my body love journey has not been an easy one. When you suffer and recover from an eating disorder it remains a part of you. It isn’t always negative as I find our stories can help each other and I reflect on how it has made me a stronger person today. And as I get older, I try to remember my beauty and remove all the negative bullshit from my mind but bad body days come. And it’s okay.

And here’s another secret – you shouldn’t feel bad for feeling bad. It’s okay that you don’t love your body today. It’s okay that today you need to focus more on self-care. It’s okay that today you don’t feel beautiful or attractive. You’re not the only one. And if today you need to reach out to someone, then that’s perfectly okay and normal.

Society and most of social media likes to show us the glitz, glamour, and happiness of everyone – us when we are at our best – and it typically hides the ugliness. Because, after all, who wants to see or hear all the fucked up bits of us? And why would I share so openly what I’ve been led to believe is shameful or that I’m ashamed of?

But if we’re not talking about all that makes us human, the ups as well as the downs, then we’re doing a disservice to our fellow humans and ourselves. We need more unadulterated truth and less artificial reality.

And my truth includes being open and honest about the struggles I have with my body image. Because, maybe if I open up about what I’ve gone through and how I’m still in the process, then that will give you the courage to live your truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly body days.

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