Permission to Fail

It’s my birthday today!  I want to take this day to talk about permission & failure.

We can get so busy waiting for the world to tell us who &/or what to be.  Or is that just me?

One of the things I’ve learned in my time here is that there will always be at least one other person that feels like you do.  So, I’m sure some of you have felt like you’re waiting too.

But, back to my earlier point: why are we waiting for permission?  And even more important, why are some of us afraid to just take the leap of faith in ourselves?  I feel like I was asleep so long to the fact that I don’t have to wait for someone to tell me I can.  We just need to give ourselves permission to start instead of waiting for x (i.e. when this happens, then I’ll do that).

I believe, we are not afraid of taking the leap, we are afraid of the crash landing.

12.10 Post

We don’t want to fail but failing is also a great way to grow.  Failure gives us a chance to stop & reevaluate what went wrong to make things better.  Too many of us quit at the first sign of failure or at the first sign that what we started is going to be more difficult than we initially thought.

But we have to push forward.  Knowing why we are doing what we are doing is going to help give us that push.

Personally, last week, while drafting my third blog post, my brain told me that maybe blogging wasn’t for me, that maybe I should stop & save myself the stress of explaining my point – that nobody would read it anyway.  You see, I wanted to use the quote at the beginning as a catalyst to what the post would be about, but as I started drafting, I felt myself losing the essence of the quote & going in a different direction.  Now, I could have scraped the initial idea & just let the thoughts flow out of me, but I didn’t want to go down that path.  So I struggled.

My mind was telling me that it was okay to give up, that I didn’t really need to post every week like I said I would.  But, I remembered why I’m blogging & refused to be defeated.

Not getting a blog post out on time, or not at all, may seem like a minor thing in the grand scheme of it all, but I’m a believer that life is made in those little moments.  We tell ourselves tomorrow, but to sound cliché, tomorrow really does never come.

And consistency is key.  I have to be consistent in this venture because one small, innocent “I’ll do it tomorrow” can easily grow into doing nothing at all.

And that is true failure.  You didn’t fail because you had a setback (failing is part of becoming successful), you failed because you stopped trying.  Saying you’re going to start something, starting it but consistently putting the hard things in an “I’ll do it later bucket” will lead to stagnation – you may not fail completely, but you’re not going to accomplish much either.  And, let’s be clear, not starting at all is failing too.

Doing the hard shit teaches us that we can actually accomplish more than we thought we could.  Pushing through the doubt when things get hard, getting up & consistently learning & growing through it, is going to make you better.

So, go ahead, give yourself permission to start today.  It doesn’t need to be grand gestures or doing a 180 on your entire life.  It could be starting by asking questions & doing research.  It could be starting a priority list and doing one thing a day to accomplish that priority.

Once you start, push through the hard days.  Learn from your failures, don’t run away from them, & you’ll find that you will grow in ways you might not think is possible.

One thought on “Permission to Fail

  1. I love your section about thinking maybe blogging is not for you. If you believe in your blogs. And you have a purpose and an end result then nothing can stop you. Best advice I have ever recieved “It’s ok to fail. Just don’t give up. Keep going. Don’t stop till you get “there”.


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